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August 2, 2012 / lennonsoehl

A road trip means… new toys!



I present… the Nikon P510– more zoom than I’ll need, more functions than I can learn in 2 weeks but it is sleek, sexy and RED!  I decided that one could not take a road trip across the country and not have a respectable camera with which to capture wildlife, landscapes and really great closeups of Sean at some point!

I also bought binoculars 8×25 — a basic pair that should be able to keep some of the larger wildlife at the proper distance instead of trying to inch closer. I hope to see some fancy birds on the trip but as our “stuff” is starting to grow- I am not sure how many field guides I really want to take that I know full well will sit in  the car. 

I also bought Clinique’s “Cleansing Milk”– the label says you can take off makeup and wash your face without water. Again, another seller for me as I envision some primitive camping sites. Oh how your mind plays games with what sort of silly “necessities” you all of a sudden need for camping! As if I haven’t looked at a park yet that does not have running water somewhere within its borders! 

We take off tomorrow and are only in the real heart of packing now. (sigh) I like to have a second repack in order to remove ridiculous things I have thrown into my bag— but at the moment I have no heels (I will have to throw in ONE pair!) and too much makeup for the many days we plan to camp.  Thus the need for cleansing “milk”. 

We will be driving thru the night tomorrow so if you all get weird messages at weird hours it will be my attempt at staying awake! 

xoxo -diana and sean


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