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August 3, 2012 / lennonsoehl

Indiana Dunes

We arrived safe & sound at Indiana Dunes Visitor Center at 7am central time. A nice Porter Police officer actually escorted us down to the beach and dunes for the hour we had to kill til vc opened! So nice and friendly! The sand is softer than home and the water on my feet was refreshing! Took a few pics and went back to visitors center- flycatchers, goldfinch and barn swallows abounding. We bought an american national park pass so we don’t have a hassle at any parks- we had an interesting ordeal getting a camping site. I felt like I was back in dog eat dog NYC! But the park rangers were very nice & friendly but the self service kiosk that wipes the camp slate clean at 10am only to have people rerent their spot is kind of silly. Also a lot of it is based on honor system and knowing where you are in the group of people that do not actually form a line to use the kiosk. A lot of honey instead of vinegar gets you closer to the front!
We grabbed a nice spot (pics to follow tomorrow) and set up the tent without incident. Showered and clean we are now on the local commuter rail to chicago- about an hour and half but at least no more driving. Oh and by the way lollapalooza is in chicago! Holy crap we might just be hitting every big festival week at all major locations. We’ll see how we fare! Will post more tomorrow when we land in omaha NE at a hotel w wi-fi. There are a ton of birds here can’t wait to take a peek in AM w my new binocs!
Love to all


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  1. Bill / Aug 3 2012 6:37 pm

    Send some pix of the birds and beach. Hopefully you can relax a bit before going on.

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