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August 12, 2012 / lennonsoehl

no connections

I have been waiting to post some pics, links and descriptions of our trip so far but we are having trouble with internet connections. We will try to get to a wi-fi spot in town to give some detail of the trip so far. We have been talking with friends here in the Idaho, Utah area about our overambitious list of destinations. Since we’ve gone as far west as we have time to go we may also have to reevaluate how far south we are going to go in order to still get some beach time at OBX. Of course we want to see it all but we will have to make some other trips in order to see more of our great country! We went to a bluegrass festival at Grand Targhee ski resort and got to have a few beers hear some live music, be amongst some cool people and also saw a bunch of shooting stars from the Perseid meteor shower! Just the numbers of stars you can see with little light pollution is wonderful compared to NY. We will be touring Grand Teton today and probably take a ride to Jackson hole and will hopefully drive into Yellowstone Monday- it will be quick and will probably only hit major highlights of the park but we have to keep on schedule to get to utah and colorado in our tour of the Rockies.



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  1. Bill / Aug 12 2012 5:10 pm

    I bet you feel like whirling dervishes not stopping to enjoy the tranquility, but you are getting a lot in and when you get to the OBX you can relax a bit. We are glad you are enjoying the trip.

  2. Maryann / Aug 12 2012 5:47 pm

    Glad all is going well Sounds like you and Sean are really covering a lot of country. I would be so tried but you two are still very young and can it all. Becareful have fun love you both.Mom

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