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August 14, 2012 / lennonsoehl

Finally a connection!

Ok so I have found an internet connection at the wonderful Cocoa Grive in Driggs, Idaho. Sean is shopping for food to grill tonight at Marvin’s and I am trying to do some email catch up and load pics so you can all start seeing them.  The first batch is the beginning of our trip– from the plants in our apartment that we hope will still be alive to the test run of Sean’s new sleeping bag. We packed the car really well on Day 1 and it was downhill after that! We have been trying to keep it clean but this requires a daily run through of packing up garbage and water bottles to recycle and losing something in the process for a few minutes to hours!

We landed in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and enjoyed our first camping night. We were lucky to have a train to take us to Chicago.

We breezed through Chicago on one of the hottest days (although I heard they had 100 degree days after we departed).

We left Indiana on Saturday morning and hit the road for a cheap hotel in Nebraska and a tour through the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Oh I almost forgot to add that we made a stop in South Bend at about 6 am in order to see Touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame and hope it would bring us good luck and karma on our trip!


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