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August 14, 2012 / lennonsoehl

Omaha- Henry Doorly Zoo

Ok— so once we drove through the crazy Illinois midwest t-storm we continued through Iowa where I wrote about teh covered bridges of Madison County and John Wayne’s birthplace. It was cool and fun— the only day drive we have done thus far was yes, somewhat monotonous but we did enjoy the scenery anyway and there were quite a few sunflower fields that were very pretty to look at. I tried to get soem pics of them for my sis who loves sunflowers, I am not sure how frame worthy they are but we were doing about 80 on the highway and it’s kind of hard to get a clear crisp picture at that speed! 

We went to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha because we heard it was one of the best int he world. And guess what– it IS! They have a wonderful rainforest jungle buidling that takes you intot he rainforest with little to no fencing or barricades. Animals are kept in their spot by water moats although bats are free to roam and they hang fruit for them near cliff or cave like spaces.  We were amazed at the set up because it is so natural feeling and looks like plenty of space for the animals. 

We next went into the desert dome a magnificent geodesic dome where the desert dweller sand Cave exhibit is housed. Again no real fences separate anything (except the hummingbirds) if you can believe that! We saw meerkat and bobcats and were again amazed by the way the zoo set up was designed. 

The cave exhibit was not a let down– it is dark, you wind through corridors and caves and see bats (they are cut off by glass and then snakes, armadillos and you get to a everglade swampy area where alligators are right below you on this boardwalk. The set up was cool, the pics were a little tough as I was still learning the new camera.  But I think you will get the jist of it. We didn’t even have enough time to go through the safari types ranges where there are zebra, antelope, giraffes etc.  nor did we get into the aquarium. I would say you need the entire day or two days to see it all We had only 3 hours to stay on schedule and tried to see as much as possible before setting off for Mt. Rushmore and North Dakota. 



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