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August 18, 2012 / lennonsoehl

Driving from Glacier to Driggs, Idaho

I know my posts have been a bit out of order but with limited Internet it has been hard to keep track of all i wanted to share.  When we left Glacier it was about 8pm. This being due to the fact that we hiked another 11 miles during the day, returned from that about 4:30, drove over to the swiftmotor inn where we had to walk merely .5 miles to see the bull moose AND then we saw the great general store and restaurant that had PIZZA! It was Friday and for some of you you know that pizza friday is a ritual both for North Babylon teachers and just about all Long Islanders growing up! The pizza was thin crust and not too shabby for the wilds of Montana. We put hot sauce on the slices– everything tastes better with hot sauce and proceeded to eat about 2 slices each before we had to box up the rest. I took advantage of drinking some huckleberry lager beer while in Montana- seems to be a unique brew here and enjoyed the semisweet taste of the berry in the beer. 

We decided to shower off at the public showers over at the area and then shopped for souvenirs for us and our family. When we finally started to leave the park is when we saw a crowd of cars who had spied a grizzly and 2 cubs on the high side of the mountain. We immediately stopped and the bears had gone into a ditch/gully we could nto see them in and just as we were going to drive away to get ont he road, she popped back out. That is when I got some decent pic of her and her cubs running around. 

With finally some pics of grizzlies we called out Glacier trip complete and headed out of the park. We drove through the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. There were some ornamental teepees in the town but what’s unfortunate is the place did look rundown and dilapidated. Mostly a bunch of old cars outside of an auto shop, houses that had not seen any upkeep or work done to them and a few dogs roaming freely around town. I wonder what it is that makes most reservations look like they are still int he 1960’s but they also have a ton of land and lots of cattle and pretty horses behind the fences.  There was the stereotypical sign about alcohol being bad poison for their people and I wonder how many do have drinking problems vs those that are successfully making livings. 

The sunsets over the land were starting to take shape and Sean got one shot that looked like God was coming through the clouds. He posted it on facebook, I think many of you saw it. As night fell, we started seeing light shining int he sky. Well, it was lightning and not just heat lightning. We drove right into a big thunderstorm in Idaho and the lightning lit up the entire sky and land as we drove toward Driggs. I was amazed at the way the lightning forked in several directions across the sky- not just vertically but horizontally as well as i spreading tentacles out from cloud to cloud. 

We had to drive through this rain most of the night, which whether clear or stormy, night driving after 11pm gets difficult as your tired eyes start to play mind games.  We arrived in Driggs at 5am and left everything int he car and laid down in  the nice king size bed that was prepared and waiting for us. 




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  1. Bill / Aug 18 2012 4:04 pm

    You caught bullmoose taking a bath.

  2. Maryann / Aug 18 2012 4:15 pm

    That was a a great ride I would have die hated lighting. The rest sound good the picture of the Moose looks great . The bear story sound good to to bad YOU MISS THEM BUT THAT’S OKAY.

    • lennonsoehl / Aug 18 2012 8:58 pm

      We didn’t miss the bear Mom- didn’t you see the picture below the mosse? There’s a bear there- we got a few pics they were up high the whole time- you really don’t want grizzly on the road and they don’t really come down there anyway-

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