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August 18, 2012 / lennonsoehl

Grand Targhee Music Festival

On Saturday after arriving in Driggs at 5am, we slept for a few hours and woke up to say hello to Lori and Marcia who were staying at Marvins to see the Grand Targhee music festival. 3 days of bluegrass and we were invited to Saturday’s shows. We needed some time to recuperate form the driving and hiking and told them we would meet upw ith them later. There was no getting out of this as a few more friends showed up- one with a party bus the Endeavor who pretty much sold us ont he party to be expected that evening. 


So after a few more hours of sleep we finally started to get ready, went to the supermarket to pick up soem food and the obligatory case of beers and headed to Grand Targhee ski resort (10 minutes from Marvin’s house mind you). Due to forest fires throughout the state there was quite a but of smoky haze in the air and we were not able to see the Teton peaks as well as usual. Nonetheless the hairpin turns ride up the mountain was enjoyable and we prepped our story for how to get a parking spot up close (as per Lori’s directions). Well, we must have had great parking karma because we not only found a spot right int he front row, but there were also no attendants collecting money! We found where the Endeavor was parked and set up our chairs and coolers to enjoy the concert (outside of the concert areas as tix were $65). After nightfall, we saw a few shooting stars as it was also the night of the Perseid meteor shower. We were greeted by a guy who swore he was also an iguana (but looked more like Sylar from heroes) and a few other hippy characters who had all taken some form of recreational drug to enjoy the show. Very funny indeed. Once again our karma must have kicked in because another fellow comes by the van and has 2 wristbands that he is giving away due to 2 of his volunteers not showing up. Funny thing is Sean, being from NY, did not want to take the tickets, thinking there was something that had to be given in return. The guy literally almost forced the tickets on us and said “hey, I am offering you happiness for nothing in return” to which we replied “In , NY you can’t cant happiness for free”!

We took  the wristbands and soem beers and made our way with Shelby and Pratt into the concert area to hear the rest of Leftover Salmon. They sounded great, the hippy girls with their rainbow glowing hula hoops were great and people were twirling and dancing around in everything from overalls to sequin dresses, sneakers to cowboy boots. 

Sean finally got excited about the band when he realized that they were the same band that played during the “After the Catch” episodes of Deadliest Catch. I think he was also impressed that we were spending time in the same locations that the Deadliest Catch captains hung out at for that episode (Jackson and Idaho). 

We made our way to an after-concert band in the Trap bar at Targhee and then when we got back to Marvin’s hung out ont he lawn in our sleeping bags to watch the shooting stars. I had seen over 15 by the time my eyes and my body shut down. We were back in civilization and apparently did not miss a beat!



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  1. Maryann / Aug 18 2012 4:08 pm

    Glad you had so much fun that night sounds good . Like hearing about the girls and guy in there crazy get up clothes and sneaker covered glittler sounds like Wood stock funny well have fun . all well here.Love you

  2. Bill / Aug 18 2012 4:11 pm

    Sounds like fun people and that you had a good time.

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