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August 21, 2012 / lennonsoehl

My Colorado Cousin

Cousin Pat in ColoradoWell, hey we left Arches at about 9:30pm and departed for what we knew was going to be a long and tiring drive to Colorado Springs Since it was dark out we decided to skip the scenic route of 128 because honestly it would have been longer and a bunch of animals would have started leaping out at us I am sure.

Instead we opted for the GPS route of I-70— boring, straight but at least plenty of turnoffs for gas and rest and some food. I-70 however, also goes through teh White River National Forest and though it was hard to make out I could see the river running alongside the Interstate and we did go through a few mountain tunnels along the way. We stopped right before Grand Junction to fuel up both the car and ourselves. Sean had ridden out of the desert, now it was my turn to man the wheel until about 1:30.

I pulled over finally in a rest area but was unable to go to sleep as I was tortured by thoughts of a weird scary axe murderer coming to the car and killing us (silly thoughts I know but Sean felt the same way).

After about a half hour of rest, he decided to take the wheel. We had a large raccoon amble by us as we left the rest are where we saw many more cars on the other side of where we had parked. Now I felt silly that my murderous thoughts were simply keeping me from a few more minutes of shut eye.

Sean and I ate more of a “hot mama” pickle– pickle in a bag– Sean enjoys them very much but we have to mak sure the pickle juice doesn’t spill in the car. Sean asked me fore Gatorade and I got it for him. I peeed his string cheese for him. Basically while I was supposed to get a little bit of sleep, Sean was in constant need of something to keep him awake. I don’t mind I can never fully sleep when he is driving anyway and keep waking up suddenly asking “ARE YOU OK!”.  He almost always replies yes and tells me to go back to sleep, yet I can never really keep my eyes closed for more than 10 minutes when I repeat this process. Sean got annoyed by it, but i am so worried that late at night that one of us will fall asleep and we will go careening off a mountain ledge.

By the time Sean was too tired to drive we pulled into a Denny’s so I could relieve him. I was through Denver and on the way to Colorado Springs where my cousin was kindly awake at 5am to welcome us to our quarters, introduce us to Taz and Lacey (his dogs) and we decided to meet and greet again in the morning after some sleep.

We had a full day of driving after getting breakfast at IHOP and Pat graciously drove us from Colorado Springs, through the fire damaged areas from the July fires, past Garden of the Gods, up Wilkerson Pass, where we got a map of the 14ers in the area and saw a great topo relief map of Colorado and ALL of its 54 (debatedly 55) 14ers in the state. These are all the mountains above 14000 feet high. WOW – way to go CO!

Pat then drove us past some private ranch land where we saw 3 pronghorn antelope in the field, more bison and then, a coyote! I was able to get 2 pics of it as Pat swore he thought it was a goat. (Lasik is working wonders Pat!).  After this we drove through South Park City– yes the town the show is named after and a cute town of Alma, where we bought some beer coozis and meat for dinner.

We continued over Hoosier Pass and for my first time through Breckenridge. Then we made our way into Frisco and Dillon where we stopped for Dillon Dam Brewery lunch. It was a long day, brunch was at 11:30 and lunch was at about 5. Suffice it to say the Alma meat will be saved for tomorrow as we did not get home til almost 9pm after also taking a ride to Red Rocks– where Sean and I MUST return for a show. The acoustics sounded great and the venue is just remarkable.

It was great to catch  up with a cousin on the Soehl side–  we have noticed that all SOehls:

a) like to drive

b) like to travel

c) tend to lose keys, phones or other items daily

d) have certain repeatable patterns in our families but

e) really enjoy hanging out with each other!

Pat and I really think there should be some sort of family reunion planned in a location we can all get to easily.

He mentioned Little Rock, Arkansas but I am pretty sure there won’t be any realy BBQ sauce there and we don’t all wear overalls.

Pat did say he’s willing to come to NY, though after a few stories he might be wishing he didn’t say that.

We will have to find a location, I think it would be fun to put all of us together and see how many different directions we all take off in!

More from Colorado tomorrow. Good night, I am pooped!



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  1. Maryann / Aug 21 2012 4:44 am

    Sound like you had a full night drive and day. Glad you got to Pat’s okay and had a good rest. The rest sounds like you all had a good time traveling and eating to. It would be nice if Pat could come to New York we could all have a fun time.Well I’m glad that all is going well Have a good sleep. Glads you didn’t stop to sleep I would have be scary to Play the music loud when you feel like you feel like you going to sleep or talk a lot to Sean so he stay a wake , it hard doing all that driving without stopping . Glad you did make some stops. Well that’s all take have some fun. Oh i guess see where the fire’s were must have been a heat breaker love Mom

  2. Maryann / Aug 21 2012 7:30 pm

    the picture of you and Pat looks so good. He looks like Uncle Charlie He looks happy that good. Hope you took more picture of him.

  3. Bill / Aug 21 2012 7:36 pm

    Pat looks like his Dad, a little heavier perhaps. I’m happy you got to meet him. He enjoys the mountains and long hikes with the dogs which is up your alley. How was Sean with the hikes. Did you wear him out?

  4. wanderinpat / Aug 22 2012 1:27 pm

    Wow! It was so good to see you guys, Diana and Sean. The dogs are tired from all the excitement, and Lacy is better today! Hm… maybe we ran her problem out of her yesterday. 🙂

    Please come back again. I enjoyed hanging out with you.

    Oh, and I know that I’m MERELY a cousin, but Sean has passed my criteria. He may continue to exist and be with you…. IF he behaves. 🙂

    Thanks for the card, it’s on the mantel. The dinner last night was great.

    Drive careful, and have fun. Hi to the crew at the Outer Banks….


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