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August 21, 2012 / lennonsoehl

Rafting on the Snake River

A bit of backtracking here again, but after we enjoyed our BBQ Long Island style in Driggs, ID (too much food, but really good!), we went rafting on the Snake River courtesy of Marvin. 

He has his own whitewater raft that can hold up to 6 people and after he went to do a few office things in Jackson while Nate took Sean and I to the Jackson tram and up the mountain, we all met in the Albertsons parking lot to head out to the river. 

The river was not running very fast (only 4080cf when we got to put in), we had a great time. I used the GoPro to take some video and what’s most funny about it is really me screaming at what on video looks like tiny splashes of water as we went through some “rapids”. I found this hysterical myself because the river while mild, was still exciting yet the GoPro makes the river look more lazy than anything. In order to spice things up, Marvin stopped near a cliff that everyone jumps off of and I dove into the river only after having to scale a rock wall and having to get on my belly and shimmy up the cliff at one point which was more scary than actually jumping. Elaine got a picture of it as my camera happened to die at my moment of triumph, so I will post that when  I get it.  Here are some pics form snake river rafting!






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  1. Maryann / Aug 21 2012 7:25 pm

    Great story about the ride and the cliff’s glad you okay. The picture of Marvin and your friends are good to. Dad thought is was you I say no.; We saw the other picture of Glacier 513 of them great cool and the flowers and the animals to ,I should have told you to pick some seed from them soi pretty. will write more have to to Mel for the cats and feed them.

  2. Bill / Aug 21 2012 7:26 pm

    It was nice of Marvin to row the raft for you, you probably would have capsized it, but I’m sure it was relaxing after all the walking and driving you and Sean have been doing.

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