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August 21, 2012 / lennonsoehl

Salt Lake City!!!

After our fun day on the snake river, Erin and Marvin treated us to a delicious dinner– spinach salad and a perfectly BBQ’d skirt steak. We had some yummy cheeses and crackers and of course, the soon to be world famous HAPPY MONKEY HUMMUS that Erin and David make and sell. We will definitely be buying some from them to send to us in Brooklyn and we can’t wait to see their brand in Whole Foods stores in Manhattan! 

We turned in for bed knowing we had to leave the fun spud town for Salt Lake. We took our time getting up in the morning went back to TWR Grill for delicious brunch/lunch and wrote out some postcards while we ate. After mailing our postcards from Driggs, we hit the wide open road to view more ranches and farmland on our trek to the big Salt Lake City. 

We were being hosted by Erin and David since Marvin’s condo units were rented for the summer.  Dave already had plans for us to join him and his friends at the Thursday evening concerts in the park series in SLC. We got to the house, unloaded some stuff and relaxed a bit and then headed into town to meet up with Lossie, Dave and others at Lumpy’s (too funny as I have been to this bar many times in my visits). 

We found parking easy (surprisingly) and had a beer and some buffalo wings and salad to prep for the festivities. A band called Iron and Wine was playing but apparently the concert is most fun just walking around and meeting up with people you know. Some of the guys had VIP passes and so hung in that area, while Lossie, Sean and I enjoyed the general admission area complete with double fisted beers. (Hey you can only get 2 each at a time AND the lines were long). 

After the concert, we went back to Lumpy’s and also to a bar called Inferno– there we met some very cool people that DAve and Lossie knew and hung out ont he outdoor deck near a picnic table and umbrella. 

After returning home, we hit the sack knowing we HAD to get the oil change on the car and my grand plans to take the snowbird tram up and hike the resort. 

Of course, we woke up late (we are on vacation) and searched for a jiffy lube close to a good place to eat. Lossie, in the know, recommended Pat’s BBQ and so we got the oil change and drove to the most delicious BBQ lunch we had- stuffing our faces til we couldn’t eat anymore. I posted about it already so I won’t go thru the scrumptious details again. 

We drove up to snowbird resort and just missed the Oktoberfest that was starting the day after we went up. Although we really didnt need another reason to drink. The tram ride up was cool and at the top we thought about hiking but were running out of time since Corey asked us to go rock climbing with him around 6pm. 




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  1. Maryann / Aug 21 2012 7:35 pm

    Everything sounds great I’m happy that you and Sean are having fun with your friends they sound like great people

  2. Maryann / Aug 21 2012 7:36 pm

    The BBQ sounds goods to I guess Sean was happy he enjoy the last one.

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