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August 27, 2012 / lennonsoehl

Park City Indulgence

While we were touring Salt Lake City, I knew that Sean had to check out Park City and the streets of ski resort society. It just so happened that Chalie 2NA (charlie tuna) was giving a free concert at The Canyons ski resort on Saturday evening.

We were going to be en route to Arches by then, but were convinced by Erin, David, Lossie, Marvin, Andy, etc to stick around for this fun event!  On Saturday morning we went to the Farmer’s Market where Happy Monkey Hummus is sold and took a tour of one very big market, complete with food, crafts, adoptable pets, services and much more. We only walked about 2 booths before I saw these very intricate and ornate spiders made out of various stones and beads that caught my eye. I couldn’t resist and bought a few of “Twisted Spiders” products for myself and as a gift for my mom.

I am glad to be able to go to a place where I feel at home. Salt Lake is one of these places because of so many friends that I have out there. I called Andy and after a little bit of phone tag, we were finally able to meet after the market. Sean and I drove to Andy’s house via the Temple and of course in usual Andy fashion, he was driving down the block to meet us (he thought we were walking) and continued to make a full u-turn with a big pick up truck and then talk with us at the intersection before we had to get out of our turning lane and follow him to his place!

We arrived through a very fancy neighborhood to Andy’s abode and met Anique who was trying to keep cool since the AC was not operating properly. This of course gave Andy and Sean and excuse to climb the roof and go play with the AC while Anique and I talked in the house. SO good to know that we have great friends ready to welcome us should we decide to move to SLC! I was excited that the couple would meet us at the concert in Park City!

We let Dave drive to Park City since he knew where he was going rather than giving backseat directions and made it up the pass in time to sightsee a little. Sean and I walked around and I *forgot* both that PC is riddled with posh, uberexpensive shops and restaurants and that parking is not very fun.   We walked into my favorite shop The Enchanted Heart and also took a stroll through Flamin Hot sauce store– where we picked up some hot sauce. We also stopped in for a quick appetizer of sushi before we headed over to the concert.

Sean and I took the Cabriolet lift  (aka “people mover”) to the base of The Canyons area and walked up the hill to meet our friends, who had a great spot with a great view of the stage.  Chalie did not disappoint although the security who told Anique her lil pooch, Sofie, could not stay on the lawn (even wrapped up in a blanket she is so tiny) certainly did.  Before we went down to the concrete with the pup, we were surprised by Marvin who had not only gone up on stage but was also recognized by Chalie with a stoppage of the band and music! It is quite funny to see Marvin in his spinning beanie hat  and striped rugby shirt to be shaking hands and walking around the stage like he owned it (does he?).

We had a great time at the concert and once the music started again, we took a few pics behind the stage as we were clearly getting more “happy”. All of us were able to step onto the stage for a few minutes, inlcuding Anique and Sofie (take that security guards!).

Chalie 2NA!

A good time was had by all and I am sure a highlight was Sean getting to shake 2NA’s hand AND get a few pics with him! Park City being the Party Town that it is we decided to continue the nite by going to Lynzie O’Michaels. Great bar, fun, you can write with chalk on their black ceiling. I did this a few years back and was able to find my note on the ceiling and take a picture of it (again).

The night did quickly deteriorate due to excessive consumption of alcohol and therefore all I will say is we all got home to the hotel eventually and we were all in need of advil in the morning. Sean and I did not want to leave so early in the morning without proper goodbyes, but we did have to get to Arches at some point so I rallied myself and Sean and we were on our way after a quick goodbye to our friends and a promise to return soon. And with that we were off like a “herd of turtles”  with hangovers to the desert.  See our post “glaciers to deserts” to see how our hangovers fared.


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  1. Maryann / Aug 28 2012 3:58 am

    Is that Sean with the white hat? Look’s like him sound like he had a good time and you too. Glad you were with your friends . He had a good time shopping and you too. see you soon.

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