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September 28, 2012 / lennonsoehl

Arches National Park

Amazingly, Sean and I were so stretched for time at the end of our trip that I did not get to post about Arches or the drive as much as I wanted. 

When we left Salt Lake CIty (Park City actually) we had a 4-5 hour drive to Moab. We were encouraged by Erin to go to Milt’s Stop & Eat for great burgers (which they were)!

On our drive south we were in awe as the landscape changed from the mountains to more desert and sage brush-y type terrain. The colors of the rock began to change into the typical Utah and Arizona red rocks and towering turrets that enveloped us as we drove on narrow US 6.  Took quite a few pics but as usual just does not do it justice. More windmills along the road and one interesting pit stop where a father driving a pick up had his wife and 2 kids with their dog all LAYING DOWN in the cab! They were anglo saxon so I don’t know what they were possibly hiding form but I thought it rather odd for them to all be hiding in the back part of the truck! 

After hitting Milt’s in Moab town we drove back into Arches where we passed our wonderful America’s Park Pass and began the steady climb up the road to the most amazing rock forms nature has created! 

The geology of the area is incredible and I remembered many of the formation names from my GEO class, but it still gets lost in my mind when I look at the rock forms and try to absorb the sheer beauty and size of them. 

We made sure to have tons of water as the temp was 110 and truly hot– like an oven hitting your face when you open the car door. 

I tried to play around with my camera after I realized I coud get some nice dusk and twilight shots by the camera filtering out certain colors of light and enhancing the blues and purples. 

Posting pics and more to come. I bet you thought the road trip was over but I am savoring every minute by adding little tidbits of forgotten memories every now and then to the blog. 

🙂 ImageImageImage








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