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August 9, 2014 / lennonsoehl

Post Savannah drive South 8-8-14


Today was a fun travel day down through Georgia and Florida.

We got up in Savannah and had breakfast- like I said THE famous Best Western waffles along with some sausage and yogurt. We decided to do a quick walk through Savannah city and went to Forsyth Park and then found the Mercer William house that the book and movie “Midnight in the garden of good and evil” was based on. Walked back along the riverfront for a few more pictures and then headed out.

We decided we just had to stop at Peach World, exit 58 on I-95 in Georgia (where else?) and proceeded to get a bunch of peaches and peach related goodies—salsa, cider and the most awesome peach slushy ever (and the only one we’ve ever had).

Took another detour thanks to the “10,000 places to see before you die” book which told us that Florida has over 600 natural springs— so we found one not too far off the road to Tampa— Rainbow Springs State Park—the water is about 70-74 degrees because it comes from underground aquifer and the water bubbles up and is over sandy bottom and algae that make the water sparkle in an aqua color—much you would expect to see around a tropical coral reef. Apparently these are the very springs that Ponce De Leon referred to as the Fountains of youth when he toured Florida. I wonder if we were to reach all 600 how much younger we could look!

We saw banana spiders pointed out to us by a young spider girl and tried to get pics. We saw beautiful horse farms and Arabian horses throughout Ocala.

It was a nice ride. Drove through a typical late afternoon thunderstorm near Tampa and arrived at Punta Gorda around 9:20pm. Sean and I both remarked that the drive wasn’t that bad. We broke it up probably just about right with our stop in Savannah and with the driving we put in our previous road trip as well as weekend jaunts to Killington, we were primed for 7-11 hour drives.

The weather is very hot and humid but we hope to do some boating and sightseeing in Punta Gorda and Boca Grande. We might even prepare more peach slushies to stay cool!


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