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August 10, 2014 / lennonsoehl

Rainbow Springs State Park pictures 8-8-14

Here are some pics from our lil walk at Rainbow Springs Park.  It was so humid and the palm trees and cycads numerous. We thought this must have been similar forest and temperatures for what the dinosaurs lived through. It really felt prehistoric when we walked through the trees.  The water from the spring was a beautiful aqua blue which you will see. If we had more time it would have been a great kayak or canoe on the river.  The waterfalls are manmade as this was once a travel attraction complete with amusement rides and animal enclosures. They have let it revert to nature and the springs are a “watering hole” for the local community. As a science teacher, this is a GREAT field trip to explore the geology and nature in the park and then give the students an opportunity to relax and play in the springs. You could even tie in the history of Ponce De Leon and his search for the Fountain of Youth- which these springs were referred to as. There is also a shadow image of the large but harmless banana spider– too bad my camera just would not focus in on the beautiful yellow coloration of this spider. Turns out the male is MUCH smaller than the female and the female may eat the male after mating. My kind of gal! LOL


DSCN6284 DSCN6285 DSCN6301 DSCN6311 DSCN6292 DSCN6331 DSCN6329


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  1. Maryann Soehl / Aug 10 2014 9:13 pm


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