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August 12, 2014 / lennonsoehl

Sunday Fun-day Fishing 8-10-14

Got up early Sunday for a half day of fishing out in the gulf just off of Boca Grande. Sean’s dad, Ralph, grabbed ice, drinks and made us sandwiches. We pushed off about 7:20am with a small short rainshower that cooled off the morning. 


We stopped for bait– live shrimp and then headed out of the Bay/Harbor. The boat rides so nice and smooth, it was an enjoyable ride. I lathered up in suntan lotion and enjoyed the breeze on my face from the water. It really is the best place to be on a hot August day in Florida! We saw some flyiish fish, which Ralph said he had not seen in a while. They look like rocks skimming across the water (almost) but they were slender, long and had a blue color to them.  We went out to the mile buoy so we were right past the channel. As we pulled up there was a turtle– a loggerhead? just hanging out drifting in the water— very cool I had never seen one in the wild- only aquariums! 


Sean’s first catch of snapper was not a keeper but he hooked it as soon as he dropped his line. I did have success hooking 5 fish with 3 of them keepers!  No one went empty handed for the day and we had about 10 fish caught for dinner. 


We made snapper fish tacos and the fish tasted delicious! No fishy taste and so fresh! 

Great dinner to end our stay in Punta Gorda! Sean’s Grandma ate with us and we got to spend time with her. She is 96 years old and is in amazing shape! She has some great stories from the past and remembers alot from her parents growing up in Brooklyn to her and her sister living in Copiague (originally!) She loved the pictures from  the wedding and the video trailer as well. We knew it would be tough for her to make the trip but we are glad we were able to see her only a couple months after being married. Planning to make her a small album so she can have it to look at while she is in her condo in Florida. 

We did another evening stroll through the condo complex and got another sunset pic along with shots of the supermoon. Then we retired for our next adventure awaiting us– departing for Sanibel Island on Monday morning! 

More to follow and pics too!








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