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February 19, 2017 / lennonsoehl

And then there were 3…

Set out on Friday night around 1030pm from our house.  Ellie was asleep for a couple hours, we delicately (as possible) put her into her car seat, buckled her in and set out for our night, not knowing what would be in store.  The drive was amazingly easy even though we first hit some traffic, where else but as we got onto the Belt Parkway!  However, after that it was smooth sailing. Sean drove the first leg, thru NY and all the way through DC hitting Richmond, VA (maybe a little bit beyond?) by 330AM. Ellie had awoken and was cooing, so we did a diaper change and bottle of milk and as I took over at the wheel, she went right back to sleep. I was amazed at how easy Ellie was, I accepted before leaving that anything could happen and was willing to roll with it. Apparently, that is how Ellie felt too! We managed to hit the infamous “South of the Border” by 730AM. Who hasn’t stopped here? It seems every trip I take on I-95 this is a requisite stop– even if it is full of cheesy souvenirs that are not “Made in America”.  Seeing lots of families stop to change at the public restrooms which are surprisingly clean and have an entire s”changing room” side of the restroom.  Ellie slept all the way through til we got here! After changing out of PJ’s Ellie charmed everyone in the Waffle House waving hello and smiling while she happily ate from our “hash brown bowl”— which I recommend! It was delicious with crumbled sausage, hashbrowns and two scrambled eggs with cheese. Here are some pics from the morning’s adventures around the roadside attraction…


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  1. Maryann Soehl / Feb 19 2017 3:03 am

    love it all the pictures are great she looks so big and happy. Love the reading of the day events great

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