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February 19, 2017 / lennonsoehl

Savannah stopover

We decided to stop at Savannah to rest for the night. We actually got to our hotel , the Best Western which is near the Savannah airport in Pooler, GA. The hotels within Savannah were so expensive! We wanted to stay at the one that we stayed at on our last drive down– which was on Bay Street, conveniently along the riverfront, but was not to be. Ellie loves the art deco style with all the bright colors in the lobby. We fed her lunch while we waited for our room to be ready (got there before check in time), and Ellie was her charming self to everyone that walked in! She waved and said “Hi” to everyone and found a nice older woman who was willing to play along with her. We were very tired, so despite a pool and hot tub, we retired to our room and stayed there all night.  Ellie loved playing in the hotel room and adjusting the air conditioner by the window. She is very adept at figuring out buttons and will press all remotes or buttons until she gets what she wants. Smart girl! We gave Ellie a bath and she went to bed, later than usual, but we decided just to have her sleep in the bed with me. There were 2 queen beds, so Sean got his own bed to try and get a good night’s rest. Well, we are up and trying to get out to Savannah proper and take a tour of the riverfront and Forsyth Park before we head to Grandpa’s house! More to come later!


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