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February 20, 2017 / lennonsoehl

Punta Gorda Arrival

Arrived in Punta Gorda Sunday night around 7PM.  Sean’s Aunt Tricia was down from Tampa to meet Ellie, Grandpa and Great Grandma Gerry were ecstatic to meet Ellie.  Of course, Ellie did not disappoint and despite a 6 hour drive, she was still in good spirits, waving to everyone and smiling. She has such a wonderful disposition, everyone loved her immediately!  We had a delicious dinner prepared by Sean’s dad, veggie lasagna with an organic salad prepared from Sherri’s garden. Ellie even had a little of the spectacularly rich tiramisu that Sean’s dad made from scratch! Ellie bounced around for a little bit after dinner and then finally went to bed..IN HER PACK AND PLAY! Until…Sean tried to move a blanket about an hour or two later because he thought she was cold.  So then Ellie slept with us the rest of the night— but she slept really soundly and never moved until the morning. Quite an accomplishment since we are used to being poked and kicked in the chest and back!  Today we went out on the boat and Ellie was an excellent skipper- for 5 minutes- and then she passed out for the rest of the boat ride. Details and pictures to follow!


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  1. Maryann Soehl / Feb 21 2017 1:22 am

    Sound like Ellie is enjoying herself glad. And you and Sean to enjoy. I m glad his Grandma and Aunt like seeing her glad for that and remember take picture of Ellie and her Great Grandma important.okay love enjoy and have fun and try and rest a little okay love Mom and Dad Kisses for all and say Hi to everyone from us.

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