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MANY Soehl road trips

Lest we forget, there are 2 Soehl’s that also went on a road trip across America. Doug and Amanda have their own blog of their travels and it’s fun to compare what I like to call the “inner loop” we did and the “outer loop” that Doug and Amanda travelled.

Yellowstone National Park

We could not be in Wyoming without going to Yellowstone Park. We drove in on Sunday afternoon without reservations and still were able to get a campsite for the night. This made it easier to try and fit more sights of the park in.  It boasts the “world’s largest collection of geysers”. Also form their website, “Yellowstone contains approximately one-half of the world’s hydrothermal features. There are over 10,000 hydrothermal features, including over 300 geysers, in the park.” The place is amazing even in the aftermath of the 1988 wildfires, evidence of which can be seen everywhere you turn in the park. I hope that the moose will rebound in the area.

Grand Targhee Ski Resort

After 4 days of Glacier, we went down to Marvin’s in Driggs. This town sits at the bottom of the road to Grand Targhee, one of my favorite ski resorts. Went there first time with Bonnie and MA snowboarding/ski crew and loved it! Ever since I have leraned more about this little gem on the west side of Teton Pass! Now I come to find out they aso have some of the best summer festival series around! Great night watching Leftover Salmon with Lori, Pratt, Shelby, Paul, Matt, Marcia etc!

Glacier National Park

Behold, there is a reason this park is nicknamed the “crown of the continent”. Spectacular, amazing and awe-inspiring are adjectives that come to mind.  Between the landscape, glaciers and animals we were able to see, it is clear why this is a destination park and most people were spending the full 2 weeks camping just here!

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

We drove from Mt. Rushmore about 5 more hours through Sturgis no less (tons of people already in town as it was starting that Monday) on one line highways to get to Medora, North Dakota and Teddy’s park. It’s cool to find out that TR came form NY and found solace in ND. We enjoyed our time even though it was one day and the bison were all on stage for us (along with the praire dogs)!

Mount Rushmore

We can’t believe we actually made it to the night lighting ceremony of the memorial! We were tired and eyes heavy saved by the hour time difference as Mt Rushmore is located in mountain time! woo hoo!

What can we say this is an iconic place that every American should visit.

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo

Yes we were fascinated by this zoo and would not have known about it if not for our 1000 places to see before you die book! So If you can make it to Omaha or make it a waypoint on a road trip we highly recommend it– it will not disappoint. We did overhear a woman saying it was #2 after San diego zoo– but she “thought this was the better than that”!

Bridges of Madison County

Here you can see the list of bridges and when they hold festivals as well as John Wayne’s Birthplace. We enjoyed this little detour on our trip and it made the drive through Iowa fun and rustic!

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Looks to be our first stop… What’s great is the campground is a) close to Lake Michigan b) close to Chicago– a train will take us from the campground to chi-town in a half hour! and c) we get to start camping right away!

Keep up with the weather

You know I love weather and on a road trip, there’s nothing more important than knowing what kind of weather we will be driving into. NOAA is probably my favorite site for checking weather as it provides detailed forecast discussions and alerts to severe weather. Feel free to check ahead as we travel or to just utilize a great resource for your local meteorological conditions!


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