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our trip plan

A page with photos from our trip.

Here is a link to view Henry Doorly Zoo pics on Snapfish:

Here is a link to one of our hikes in Glacier– most of this should be our 12-13 miles hike form Highline at Logan’s  Pass to the Granite Peak Chalet and down to the loop road. This should get you all started.

Here is a link to new pictures of Glacier– these include our campsite on the first day (actually) and then our hikes to St. MAry’s Falls, Virginia Falls, our hike to Granite Peak Chalet and a hike in Avalanche camp area to a beautiful lake on the western side. Also should be pics of Lake McDonald and forested western side of Going to the Sun Road.

I hope you are all enjoying the photos and can easily view them. If you have problems please let me know and I will see if there is another way to post them.  I plan to probably try to sell a few so I don’t want them all out on free access.  Here are Theodore Roosevelt NP pics— aka badlands area– lots of buffalo and prairie dog closeup!


Here are the Yellowstone pictures– I think most of these are turned correctly and I removed blurry pics. Enjoy!

Here are pictures from Arches — this was beautiful desert terrain that we have never seen before. Very nice pics!


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